Taleem ul Quran is Institue for kids to provide them with the education of Quran and Islam worldwide. We are a leading online Quran center, offering a modern way to learn to read and memorize the Quran online by sitting at home. We have different courses for kids to learn Quran online. The courses include:
● Reading of the Quran Properly
● Learning of Quran with Tajweed
● Memorization of Quran
● Islamic Studies
We are proud to have a team of professional tutors who teach Quran with passion. Learn Quran Center is glad to announce that the students from worldwide can avail this opportunity of learning the Quran at home at reasonable rates. Our students are the symbols of our credibility
and reliability. We try our levels best to spread the teachings of the Quran and Islam all over the world.

About Our Tutors

Teaching Quran online is a kind of big responsibility. For this task, we have selected the best Quran teachers for our students. We have selected them on the basis of their religious education and morals. For skype Quran classes, we have hired full-time Quran teachers. Their recruitment is completely based on their skills of recitation and tajweed of the Quran. Moreover, their communication skills are also tested by our departments. Our teachers have professional manners to deliver a lecture in easy to understand language. Furthermore, they can speak Arabic and English. We also give them one-month training in order to fulfill the words we have made to our students. The teachers are passionate about their duties of online Quran classes. They have the following teaching qualities:
● They are Experienced and Highly Qualified in Islamic and Quranic Teachings.
● They are Fully Trained to speak the Arabic language
● Huffaz-e-Quran are certified for the memorization class
● They know all the Quran Recitation rules.